Studio Pilates Sessions

These sessions can be either a one on one or in a very small group setting of 3-4. We only offer Pilates with Physiotherapists, and this is called ‘Private Therapy’ (one-on-one) and ‘Group Therapy’ (max 3-4 patients per Physio). Pilates with a Physiotherapist has a more rehabilitation focus to maintain manual treatment results and improve overall muscular imbalances. Both Privates and Groups are by appointment only and programs are all individually tailored to your needs, for example, general fitness, rehabilitation, post-surgical, pregnancy, sport specific etc. All classes utilize the pilates mat and all the pilates machines. All new clients must do a Pilates Initial Assessment (1 hr) with a Physiotherapist so we can do a detailed history and design an individual program addressing your goals and our assessment findings. If you are unsure what session to book into, please contact our reception by phone or email.

Private Health Fund rebates usually apply when seeing a Physiotherapist, however, we advise you to check with your health fund actual rebates as all funds differ. HICAPS is available at the clinic for on-the-spot rebates.

Pilates Benefits

The primary goals of Pilates are to develop a strong and stabilized core, greater flexibility, improved body strength, full body control, and the infinite possibilities of combining the power of the body and mind.  This is achieved by focus and meditation through movement. Pilates is gentle enough for the pregnant women and challenging enough for the elite athlete.

Pilates is an unparalleled whole body conditioning program that improves strength, flexibility, co-ordination and control. Studio Align offers programs designed by qualified Physiotherapists who are also Pilates Practitioners to ensure precise body movements for safe, effective and fun Pilates practice.

Pilates History

Joseph Pilates was born in Germany in 1880 and dedicated his entire life to creating his original body conditioning program on his very distinctive apparatus. It was called “contrology” and was the complete co-ordination of body, mind and spirit, through health, full commitment and breathe. Joseph studied gymnastics, yoga, body-building and Quigong and was a boxer and circus performer. These were his influences in creating Pilates as we know it today. For decades Pilates was a training secret of a select few and now its secrets are experienced by all walks of life as a complimentary and alternative exercise regime, a way to rehabilitate after an injury or surgery, to enhance sports performance, reduce stress and fatigue, improve posture and brings enjoyment back to getting fit.

Pilates is a holistic approach to exercise and rehabilitation

What to expect on your first visit

Please wear comfortable clothing to your session. Preferably close fitting so we can see how your body is moving, such as fitness tights, shorts, board shorts, T-shirt or singlet top if possible. Please bring socks at all times to your sessions. Socks are mandatory in the Pilates studio and if you forget we have a range of options for purchase ranging from $5.50–$18. Please arrive 5–10mins before your first initial session so you can fill out all necessary forms. Change rooms are available. Water is provided, but please bring a water bottle.