Frances was born on Saturday 9/6/12 at a hefty 3.9kgs. Was a fairly challenging labour (but aren’t they all?) for a good 24hours until she was born naturally. What an experience! I credit my pregnacy, labour and recovery to a few important things. Healthy eating (I did have cravings for the odd sausage roll and extremely salty corn chips), swimming 4kms x week, Pilates studio sessions 2 x week, meditation, the Calm Birth course with Peter Jackson and the Epi-NO (email me if you want any info).

I was finally back in the studio 3 weeks after baby Frances was born and did my first workout with the lovely Anna Le Her. Anna is fabulous at pre/post-natal Pilates and is a mother herself. My first session was basic and I felt amazing after. So nice to move again and lye on my tummy as its been a while! I am back to my regular sessions again and although I’m not doing the same things I was doing pre-pregnancy, it will not be long!

Frances and I will see you in the studio soon…

Frances Thomas x

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Pippa Middleton I know is famous for that perky bottom, but in my opinion this move is glorious! Pippa has been a fan of Pilates for years and it clearly shows shes been practicing her Pilates Swan. Check out the beautiful line on that back bend!

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