With only 12 days to go till my bubba girl is due, I thought I’d post some pics of my Pilates session yesterday. Through my pregnancy I’ve done studio Pilates sessions 1-2 times per week combined with swimming a few kilometers. Pilates has always been something I’ve done for overall conditioning, well-being and ironing out all the “niggles” you get from life/work. It’s always worked for me. During pregnancy has been no different. It has helped with:

  • Maintaining strength: by using the machines you can continue resistance training in a very safe environment for your body.
  • Maintaining flexibility: again in a safe environment, with assistance from the machines you can protect your ranges of motion with stretching to avoid over-stretching. This is common in pregnancy as there is that lovely hormone ‘relaxin’ that makes a pregnant womans ligaments lax.
  • Maintain a sense of wellbeing: it’s so easy (and I know this from first hand experience!) to give into the tiredness and over-eating and feel very guity about it. Yes you do need to listen to your body and rest more and you do need to eat a well balanced diet with the right intake. However, you will feel so much better when you maintain the right type of exercise.
Rememeber though, when you do Pilates during pregnancy there are precautions and contraindications that are generic for pregnant women and specific to some individuals. Make sure you are with a well qualifed instructor and do studio sessions where you can guarantee you are doing the appropriate exercises and doing them correctly to avoid any injuries. Pilates during pregnancy is really safe if you’re in the right hands! (not to mention fun!!!)


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